Super Bowl XLll Predictions

Superbowl XLll Predictions

Sure there’s a lot of talk, hype, and predictions about Super Bowl XLll (42) — whose defense is strongest, who is the best quarterback (Eli Manning or Tom Brady), and let’s not forget the New England Patriots run for an unprecedented 19-0 undefeated season. But I have my own thoughts on the game.

As a man, I enjoy a great game of football — it’s guy stuff at it’s best. Okay, I know I know, women can love football too but I’m talkin’ to the men here. You know, real beer drinkin’, chip dippin’, smothered chill dogs at half-time show eatin’ men. Problem is — I work too freaking much. So, by the time I could even think about watching it (recorded or otherwise) someone has already let slip the spoiler. Which leaves me to soaking up the playoff’s and prepping a feast for SuperBowl Sunday.

Bottom line is, as much as I do love the game, I really don’t follow it. Couldn’t tell you what team has the best running back or passing game, let alone memorizing the stats. And the only way I’d be interested in fantasy football is if it was a 12 page photo feature in the bunny mag. Not knocking it, simply just don’t have the time. Although I do have a rookie O.J. Simpson football trading card — should make a good drink coaster as it’s not worth a dam anymore.

Which brings me to my Super Bowl XLll Predications — because as you can tell, I’m just about as qualified as anyone else to pull out a Magic 8 Ball and call a winner. So here we go.

New England Patriots 24 : New York Giants 12

Got a prediction? Love to hear your thoughts.

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