The Care And Feeding Of What?

The Care and Feeding of Man is a blog for a Man’s Man. It’s about stuff for guys. The things we like and the things we hate.

It’s about Girls, and Chicks, and Women, and Dames, and Cars, and Trucks, and massive amounts of BBQ sauce on the grill, wearing your favorite blue jeans five days in a row — because we can and we don’t care about the mustard stains. We don’t care if our shirts wrinkled — at least not when we’re hanging around the house.

It’s about BEER (jeez, can’t believe it took me that long to mention that one), and sports, and really cool electronic gizmo’s that we always find a way to justify spending the money we don’t have to buy them.

It’s about fashion. No, not that La-La, metro-sexual, runway fashion crap. I’m talking about the simple, everyday stuff that helps you get dates and look sharp at work.

It’s about golf jokes. Because they’re funny. But not blond jokes, because they’re stupid. Unless, of course, it’s a golf joke with a blond — then it’s fair game.

It’s about making more money and saving money. Not the Charles Swab, financially deep thinking stuff that hurts your head. But simple stuff that anyone can do.

It’s about road trips.

It’s about beer. Yes, I already mentioned that but it deserves repeating.

In short, it’s useful tips, advice, and resources for the well-being of men everywhere.

And it’s all punctuated with the disclaimer, “Don’t listen to me. What the Hell do I know? I’m just a some stupid guy with a blog.” Because real guys don’t ask for advice, they only give it. And nine times out of ten, it’s all bull.” But hey, it should be a fun trip.

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