Skateboarding Warrior Jake Brown Flys, Falls, And Walks Away

Want to know what makes a man a Man’s Man? Just watch Jake Brown of Australia take on the Skateboard Big Air Mega Ramp last Thursday night at the X Games.

First of all, it takes balls bigger than a Volkswagon to even step up to the plate for a contest like this.

Secondly, to fly higher than Superman, lose your board in mid-air, and them plunge more than 40 feet to the ground faster than “The Greatest American Hero” — and walk away no less? Well, boys and girls, that’s what I’d call a Man’s Man.

Nothing short of amazing!

I really don’t think just one video clip does this justice. So here’s two clips from different angles so you can really feel the bones crunching the boards.

Jake Brown Skateboarding Video #1

Did you catch a glimpse of his tennis shoes flying off his feet?

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