2,000 HP Outboard Inflatable Fishing Boat

Holly Smokes! Have you seen this 2,000 HP outboard inflatable fishing boat? It’s sporting eight — count them 8, 250 HP outboard motors.

2000 hp outboard inflatable boat

Apparently, this boat isn’t *quite* used for fishing. Unless, of course, you count illegal drugs as the catch.

Note; I haven’t verified the accuracy of the details — but the boat sure looks real enough.

Here’s the latest drug runner toy from Europe …

This thing belts across the English channel three times per week and was just a blur on the radar of the British Coast Guard.

They were so astonished by the speed of the unknown craft, they brought in a special high speed helicopter to chase it.

Drugs were found on board. Of course, you’d have to be on drugs to put the throttle down on this rig!

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