How To Forget Your Ex In One Night

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A bit of interesting reading over at Article Alley — specifically a post entitled “How To Forget Your Ex In One Day”.

Like I said, the post was interesting. Just thought that one day was way too long of a time frame to let your heart bleed.

Here’s my solution to forget you Ex in one night.

  1. Go to a bar.
  2. Have a brewski or two.
  3. Meet another Chick-a-dee.

Done deal. Gone, Adios. Hasta la vista. Blah, blah, blah.

Look, you just need to keep in all in perspective. Five years from now, you’ll have met someone else and forgotten all about her anyway. So why put off the inevitable? If you’re not together now, then you probably weren’t right for each other from the beginning — so you’re both better off. Besides, you were too good for her anyway.

So quit your sniveling and get on with your life. You’ve got better things to do and time is too short to waste on what-ifs.

Let it go!

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