Why Social Bookmarking is Killing the Internet. Also Known As “Death by Digg”

Social Bookmarking Feeding FrenzySocial bookmarking sites are killing off the Internet one web page at a time. In a rush to post relevant and note-worthy content to attract readers and, hopefully, make some cash in the process, blogger’s are also laying the groundwork for their blogs’ untimely death.

Social bookmarking is like a swarm of locusts. A nice, hot, and juicy “post-worm” pops its slimy little head out of the ground and the locusts swarm to the post — devouring all content and bandwidth in its path. Then, as quickly as they came, they’re gone — off to feed on the next post.

It’s a never-ending cycle of post-swarm-devour. Leaving nothing but a desolate dust bowl and an apology for exceeding their hosting bandwidth.

Blogger’s of the world be forewarned, — if you dare to post, you dare to die. Or at least you dare to spend a lot more money on hosting fees. Of course, since I use Domain-Blaster.com for registering domains and web hosting, I save some good coin. But everyone is still at risk.

Please DO NOT DIGG this post. I am a man of meager means and my blog does not deserve such an unpleasant death.

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