7 Exercise Videos Guaranteed To Make You Sweat

hard-body-video-exercise Seems like new exercise machines and diet programs hit the market every day. Just turn the channel on the ol’ HiDef and you’ll see some exercise guru hawking their wares in some fancy-smancy informercial.

Let’s face it. We’re a society obsessed with health, fitness, beauty and the magical bullet that will instantly grant us our wish for the perfect form.

Ironically, it’s the one simple thing we all overlook that could help us achieve our goal of slipping back into our size 32 jeans (men) or your dare-to-bare two-piece bikini (women) — Hard Work!

And this new workout video series is really hard. I mean, I broke a sweat just watching it.

Granted, the video exercises are obviously geared to woman, but I think men will like it too.

[sws_yellow_box box_size=”620″]Please consult your physician before undergoing an physical exercise program.
You may also want to have an oxygen bottle standing [/sws_yellow_box]

Yoga Warmup Video

Inner Thighs Exercise Video

Stair Step Exercises

Leg Toning Exercise Video

Work Your Chest – Side-to-Side Pushups


Butt Shaping Exercises

Hard Core Ab Workout

And when you’re finished, don’t forget to stretch.

Stretching Routine

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