Anna Nicole Smith – Death of a Hollwood Legend

Anna Nicole Smith wasn’t Marilyn Monroe, but both of their deaths were tragic events that transpired way before their time.

The afternoon of February 8, 2007 was suddenly shaken by the news that former Playboy Playmate, Billionaire wife, and Hollywood model/actress, and Realty TV star had died from an apparent drug related incident at the age of 39. Marilyn was only 36 at the time of her death.

Anna Nicole Smith

Early reports indicate that Anna Nicole was alone in her hotel room when she was discovered unconscious by a private nurse. Sadly, at 2:49 p.m., she was pronounced dead at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood.

Although Anna had appeared in TV shows such as “Ally McBeal” and feature films (see Anna Nicole filmography) such as “Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult“, “Skyscraper“, and “The Hudsucker Proxy“, it wasn’t because she was considered a great actress. I mean, let’s be honest here folks, Anna wasn’t on the same acting level as Marilyn. But she did have an intriguing persona that people were attracted to.

And if you ever watch an episode, or even a few seconds, of her 2002 realty TV series “The Anna Nicole Show” you’ll know what I mean. It was almost like watching a train wreck. As much as you may have hated to see the stories unfold (and I use that term loosely), you still found yourself rooting for her — the underdog trying to make her way back into the limelight. And the limelight is what she got — albeit, probably not what she was wishing for.

In 1994, she married 89-year-old, Texas oil billionaire Howard Marshall II. And with the marriage came a sprawling estate and paltry monthly “allowance” of $50,000. Talk about catching the money train! But whether she was an actual gold digger or really loved the guy is debatable *cough*. It’s not like a young, beautiful, blond bombshell has never married a really old, really rich, wheelchair bound man before because she “love him” for his inner self. Nope. That never happens.

But hey, forget about her motives for a second and put yourself in his shoes. You’re a single old dude with deteriorating health and a BILLION dollars burning a hole your pocket. Now, how would you like to spend your last days? Hmmmm? Yep, being waited on by a gorgeous woman. You go Marshall!

All else aside, Anna Nicole did her best to make the most of her life and took advantage of the opportunities presented to her. She tried her best to be a great Mom and faced many of the harsh tragedies life has thrown at many women — the loss of a husband and a son.

Our hearts go out to her family and to every woman who has persevered great loss. Anna Nicole will be missed.

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