How To Wash Clothes 101

Laundry room with laundry basket sitting on chair and washing machine on the right with its door openThe simple fact is washing clothes is a major pain in the *ss. But there’s a really good reason why you should care about having clean clothes.

  1. Women like a clean and well-groomed man.

That means you should be wearing clean, unstained and, preferably pressed (ironed), clothes.

What makes washing clothes even worse is grabbing your clothes out of the dryer only to find;

  • some of the clothes have shrunk
  • you’re missing socks
  • that the (name your food) stain is still there (doh!)

So here are some really basic 101 clothes washing tips to help make a day at the Laundromat a little easier.

How To Wash Clothes

  1. Spray all clothes stains with a stain remover.
    I recommend Spray N’ Wash — because it works and that I’ve never really tried anything else.
  2. Separate your clothes
    DARK clothes get washed in COLD water
    WHITE clothes get washed in HOT water
  3. Read the clothes label.
    It’s there for a reason. If you’re not sure how to wash it, read it! It will tell you.
  4. Use clothes detergent.
    Sure, washing with water will help take out some minor layers of dirt and smell, but it just won’t get your clothes clean. Spend the extra buck or two and but some clothes soap.
  5. Put the detergent in the washer before the clothes.
    This gives it a chance to mix with the water so you don’t end up with clumps of soap struck to your shirts, etc.
  6. Don’t leave your clothes in the washer.
    The fastest way to trash your clothes is to leave them hanging out in the washer collecting mold. Granted, it won’t happen in an hour or two, but leave them overnight and your clothes can start smelling like a science project. Tip: If you think you can’t get them in a dryer right away, at the very least, let them start to air dry on top of the washer.
  7. Fold clothes as soon as their dry.
    As you may know, the longer clothes sit in the dryer, the more time wrinkles have to set in. If you can fold them right when their finished drying, you’ll avoid wrinkles and, in some cases, you may not even have to iron them.
  8. Hang clothes that need hanging.
    T-shirts and pants can be folded. Dress shirts and/or long sleeve shirts should be placed on hangers. Again, it helps avoid having to iron them later.
  9. Learn how to fold a shirt.

    This amazing technique has saved me tons of time. It’s fast, easy, and you get a perfectly folded shirt every time.

  10. Here’s one last secret clothes washing tip

Essentials: Professional Clothing Irons

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