Paul Newman Passes Away at the Age of 83

Wow. What bummer news. Paul Newman, a Man’s Man if there ever was one, has died.

Although 83 years is a pretty great run, it’s still a very cloudy day at The Care and Feeding of Man. I mean, dang. Paul has been making incredible films for over 50 years and was on Broadway before then.

I grew up watching Paul in black and white on the ol’ picture tube. You know, the one that; only got four channels, you had to actually get up off the couch to physically turn the knob and, inevitably, had to play with the rabbit ears to get a clear picture.

But I digress – in a good way because Paul Newman was “The Man”.

Spanning back to his first film in 1952 “Ice From Space” Paul has been making great films for guys. Films you just can’t help but love.

I mean, how could anyone forget the amazing roles he played in;

And that’s just only a small snippet. See his full filmography.

James Dean and Paul Newman Screen Test

Paul Newman Video Tribute

Of course, Paul Newman was involved in more than just film. He also loved auto racing and created the ever popular “Newmans Own” line of salad dressings in which he donated 100% of after tax earnings to educational and charitable purposes. Now that’s a cool man with a big heart.

All I can say is that I think tonight is a good night to enjoy a favorite Paul Newman DVD. And tomorrow morning, let us all raise a boiled egg in a tribute to a great man, actor, and philanthropist who lived life his way and with great passion.

A moment of silence to Paul Leonard Newman: January 26, 1925 – September 26, 2008

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