The Official Vomit Phrasing Guide. 53 Different Ways To Say You’re Blowing Chunks.

Woman in black fishnet stockings bent over and vomiting into public toilet

For as many ways as there is to describe getting drunk, plastered, snockered, blitzed etc. There seems to be twice as many ways to describe “losing your lunch.” — the act of throwing up.

Below is a short compilation of these terms for your amusement. If you’d like to add one of your own, please drop a comment and let us know your favorite.

Official Vomit Phrasing Guide

  1. Admiring your reflection
  2. Apple sauce for sale
  3. Barf
  4. Beets
  5. Blows
  6. Blow beans
  7. Blowing chunks
  8. Bobbing for garbonzos
  9. Boots
  10. Buys the Buick
  11. Chuc
  12. Chundering
  13. De-foods
  14. Driving the porcelain bus
  15. Expunge
  16. Esophagus spillage
  17. Hunkage
  18. Hurl
  19. Knee-walking
  20. Launch lunch
  21. Leggo your Eggos
  22. Liquid belch
  23. Lose a lung
  24. Parks a custard
  25. Praising the porcelain
  26. Puke
  27. Ralph
  28. Round-trip lunch
  29. Ruth
  30. Spew
  31. Spewing –
  32. Spam cakes
  33. Spewing technicolor
  34. Spew the stew
  35. Spew yer guts up
  36. Spill the beans
  37. Spits beef
  38. Talkin’ to Ralph about his Buick
  39. Talking to the dinosaurs
  40. Talking on the porcelain telephone
  41. Talking to the toile
  42. Talks on the big white phone
  43. Technicolor yawn
  44. The big spit
  45. Throw up
  46. Tossing a street pizza
  47. Tossing cookies
  48. Up chuck
  49. Up load
  50. Vomit
  51. Wake the dragon
  52. Worshiping the Porcelain God
  53. Yamits
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