How To Pour A Perfect Black and Tan

After some trial and error, this is the method I’ve arrived at to pour a perfect, ice cold glass of Black and Tan . All you need is Bass Ale, Guinness Stout, a clean pilsner glass, a spoon, and a little patience.

Pouring a Perfect Black and Tan

  • Start by pouring the Bass Ale into the beer glass.
  • Fill the glass about half way.
  • Be sure to tilt your glass and pour slowly, because you want to minimize the foam.
  • Next, place your spoon over the glass and slowly pour the Guinness onto the spoon. (The spoon keeps the Guinness from pouring too forcefully and mixing up the two beers.)
  • Try for about an inch of head on top. If you do it right, you should end up with Bass on the bottom, Guiness on the top, and about a pint of sheer pleasure awaiting you.


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