Zach Johnson Wins The Masters By Two Strokes

What do you call a 31-year-old golfer from Iowa who wins The Masters, his first major victory, by two strokes — even out-playing Tiger Woods?

Give up?

Zach Johnson. And that’s no joke.

Zach Johnson finished a great four rounds of golf with a final score of +1. His three closest competitors; Sabbatini, Goosen, and Woods all tied for second with a final score of +3.

Considering that Zach’s best Masters finish (prior to today) was in 2006 where he tied for 32, Zach must be a very happy camper.

A big, hearty congratulations to Zach for pulling off such an incredible victory and capturing that elusive green blazer.

Enjoy the jacket Zach, you deserve it.

Looking to shave a couple strokes off your putting game?

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