Inforgraphic: Why It’s Better To Be Single

Having been both single and married, I can definitely say that being single is…

Oh, Hi honey. What am I doing? Just writing. You want me to clean out the garage? Now? And then go to the store to get you some tampons? Seriously? Yes, dear..

Why is it good to be single? Let me count the ways….

  • You’ll be happier
    One third of marriages end in 10 years — and have you EVER heard of a happy divorce?
  • You’ll stay thinner
    Marriage makes you fat. Good for the weight loss programs. Bad for you.
  • You can buy more cool toys
    Yep, all that money you would have spent of dating can be used to buy massive amounts of cool gadgets.

Read more over at Pimsleur Approach.

Why Being Single Is So Much Better.

Learn Why It’s Good to Be Single

Why It’s Good to Be Single

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