Top 10 Reasons Women Love To Date A Military Sniper

amouflage military sniperIf it’s true women love men in uniform then they should definitely love dating an elite military sniper. And the number one reason why women love to date snipers isn’t because they like to hide in the bush.

Wiki defines a Sniper as;

.. an infantry combatant or serviceman (e.g. police officer) who specializes in shooting from a concealed position over longer ranges than regular infantry, often with a specially designed or adapted sniper rifle. A sniper requires skill in marksmanship, camouflage, and field craft. Military snipers are also adept at carrying out methods of infiltration, reconnaissance, and observation techniques.

And just in case you’re asking yourself, “Why in the world would a woman want to date a sniper?”, here’s a top ten for you.

10 Reasons Why Women Love Dating Snipers

  1. Never makes a move without orders.
  2. He’s patient in the bush. Really, really patient.
  3. His skill with his heater is second to none.
  4. He’s always able to scope out your every need.
  5. He always stays quiet and out of sight.
  6. He’ll take you out on a moments notice.
  7. He can find your soft spot from a thousand yards out.
  8. Two words: Bolt. Action.
  9. He knows every field position known to man — many of which are classified “Top Secret”.
  10. When he finds the right spot, he can stay in that position for hours at a time.

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