Everything You Wanted to Know Abut Sex Toys but Were Afraid to Ask

You know those sex toys in your girlfriends night stand. Yah, it’s a 15 Billion dollar a year industry. And if she says she’s never used a sex toy, there’s a 44% chance she’s lying. You know, like when she says she has a “headache”. By the way, sex can cure a headache. That’s right, new research shows that getting it on is a great pain reliever. You’re welcome!

Now, on to the fun facts about sex toys.

Infographic : Scandalous facts you didn’t know about sex toys

Infographic courtesy of adameve.com

The majority of women now own and use a sex toy, with vibrators being the most popular choice. Married women are now more than twice as likely to use a vibrator than single women, and 78 percent of women who have used a sex toy said they were also in a relationship.

The top states for sex toy purchases may also surprise you. Liberal states like California and New York fail to make an appearance in the top ten, while the vastly rural states of Wyoming and Alaska round out the number one and number two states for sex toy purchases respectively. This may not have been the case in 1918, before the advent of interstates and when vibrators made their first appearance in a Sears catalog (in the “Home Appliances” section, naturally).

Today, sex toys run the gamut from discreet to ultra kinky to completed blinged out– the most expensive vibrator is covered in 117 diamonds and comes with a not-so-discreet $55,000 price tag. Welcome to the 21st century Pleasure Town.

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