How to Stay Sane in a Relationship

love my crazy girlfriend hoodieSo the love of your life is driving you crazy in more ways than one?

When you share your life with someone, the growing pains can be difficult. Whether you choose to believe it or not, all guys the world over, need some time and space to collect himself and stay sane. Women are the same the world over too. Even here in Denmark, they’re a bit crazy and intense when it comes to relationships and commitment.

Here are some of the things that helped me stay sane all throughout courting and marriage.

Firstly, get an indoor hobby. Since guy’s night is completely out of the question and you’re going to have to choose between getting laid and poker night, a good outlet is essential for your mental health. Online gaming portals like Partypoker eliminate the need for an actual get together with the guys and you won’t have to be spotted by one of her girl friends parading the streets of Copenhagen. Apart from the safety it brings by staying at home, you could also create your own room if you want to play with your friends or join the millions of poker enthusiast all over the world. The website is also owned by Bwin, the online mogul who sponsors our favorite football (soccer) teams in Europe. The good thing about the website is it gives you the option to use play money instead of real money. The last thing you need is an inquisition about why you’re short on funds anyway. A little play time is essential to keep you well balanced and stress free when you deal with your loved one. It’s always best to put your best foot forward at all times.

Secondly, be neutral and get her involved. When she asks for your opinion about something she feels strongly about, never, under any circumstances, be against it. Instead, take a neutral side and ask her why she feels that way. This is always a good idea as you won’t have to talk and get yourself in trouble and you keep her busy by talking. Keep her in the loop of everything as they feel more close to you when you involve them with your decisions. Yes, regardless of how mundane it is. By not involving her, she might find the exclusion offensive or you’re trying to hide something which might lead to an inquisition. Lastly, always remember why you fell in love with her. When she turns into a maniac and you feel the need to strangle her with her own iPod earphones, it’s always good to remember why you’re with her in the first place.

It takes a lifetime to learn how to be a great partner but it only took you one moment of pure luck and serendipity to snatch the heart of that cute Danish girl who actually wants to be a part of your life. Suck it up and live it up.

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