The Manival #5

The Manival
For those who have yet to partake of The Manival, The Care and Feeding of Man proudly hosts this weeks issue.

The Manival is a weekly blog carnival featuring articles written by men, and for men. Or as I like to say, “Tips, advice, and resources for the well-being of men everywhere.”

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A Feast Made For A Manival


Editor’s Pick

Dave Lamm presents The 14 Tailgaters Who Annoy the Crap Out of You posted at Tailgating Ideas.

House and Home

FCGrabo presents A Prosaic Ode to the Manly Garage posted at SixPackTech.

Fashion Tips

Scott Moore presents A Man’s Guide to Undershirts. posted at Always Leave You Wanting “Moore”.

Grooming Tips

Tris Hussey presents Manscaping 101 field trials Merkur safety razor first shave posted at Manscaping 101 Men’s Grooming Tips from head to toe for looking and smelling great.


Soo Lee presents The 5 Creepiest Things Guys Do To Girls posted at womopo — practical tips and advice for men.

John Stewart presents Are you marriageable? posted at The Night Writer.


Jason White presents Why Dads Can’t Be Babysitters posted at Parenting Squad.

Love & Marriage

Corey Allan presents How to have an affair with your spouse posted at The Simple Marriage Project.

TreyM presents Good communication in marriage posted at Trey

A Husband presents How To Deflect Unexpected Sexual Tension posted at


Dave Lafferty presents 10 Reasons to Read Dante posted at Dante Explorer.

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