Heros of the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Photos


The bridge collapse in Minneapolis isn’t new news. It’s been reported about ever since the horrible incident occurred on Wednesday, August 1, 2007.

What hasn’t been covered as much as I think should, are the heroic efforts and bravery by every person who who put themselves in harms way — working together to achieve a singular goal — to help save the lives of other’s.

Not so much that there were heros — because in times of great tragedy heros always emerge — but that it’s exactly these moments that the true spirit of American values rises up from the dust and debris and declares its strength.

There are no longer divisions in race, religion, status, or politics.

There are only people.

And it’s that spark of life and willingness to help their fellow man — regardless of the consequences to self perseverance — that embodies the strength of this great UNITED States of America. Working together as one people, we can accomplish anything.

It’s with a very saddened heart that tragedies such as this even happen. Every life lost was precious.

As time moves forward and the Minneapolis bridge is rebuilt, we can only hope and pray that the bridges that divide us can forever be brought down.

MN Bridge Collapse Photos

Notice the emergency worker inside the car.

MN Bridge Collapse Heroes

MN Bridge Collapse Heroes

MN Bridge Collapse Heroes

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