Kate Upton Talents. The Banned Wet Tshirt Video YouTube Doesn’t Want You To See.

GQ made a Kate Upton video showcasing her many talents; Running on the beach like a Baywatch lifeguard, Skateboarding, Rocking her model hips with a Hula Hoop, Shooting Hoops, Dancing, etc. It was then promptly banned by YouTube — something about a wet t-shirt contest… And if you try searching for something like, “Kate Upton Wet Tshirt”, you’ll probably end up seeing this.

Banned YouTube Video

Nope, can’t watch it over there any more.

But the good news is that your favorite blog for guys just happened to get their hands this video so you can watch here.

And when you’re done watching the vid, check out the new Kate Upton Bikini Body Paint photos.

Kate Upton Talents Include;

Kate Upton Running like A Baywatch Lifeguard

Kate Upton Talent 1: Running like A Baywatch Lifeguard

Kate Upton Skateboarding

Kate Upton Talent 2: Skateboarding

Kate Upton playing with a hula hoop

Kate Upton Talent 3: Hula Hooping

Kate Upton shooting basketball

Kate Upton Talent 4: Shooting Hoops

Kate Upton riding a roller coaster

Kate Upton Talent 5: Roller Coaster Pro

Kate Upton Dancing

Kate Upton Talent 6: Cat Daddy Dancing Hero

And the whole reason why you’re here…

Kate Upton wearing wet tshirt in swimming pool

Kate Upton Talent 7: Wet T-shirt Contest Champion

Just remember, you didn’t see it here.

And, just for good measure, here’s one more video: Kate Upton demonstrates the “Cat Daddy”.

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