FHM Lists Top 100 Sexist Women. Guys Demand Recount!

Worlds Sexist WomenYep, the votes have been counted and FHM has posted their results for the top one-hundred sexiest women on earth. Or as I like to say, “The World’s Hottest XX” (“XX” standing for the two XX chromosomes women have.)

And I, for one, demand a recount. Halle Berry comes in at number 33? Down listed from #16 on lasts years list? Come on! There is something seriously squirrely about that. Not that I think she should have been #1, but 33?


While I’m venting, might as well mention that Natalie Portman was also under-rated. But considering the photo FHM is using, doesn’t surprise me. Note to Natalie: Get another publicists – seriously.


And would someone PLEASE tell me how Britney Spears made it on the list? I mean, did she get extra points for coming off the hinges. I feel for the girl, really, and hope she’s able to pull it back together but I just can’t see her squeaking in at 100.


On the upside, Paris Hilton did drop from 67 to 77. Okay, I’ll give you that one.

Also, I always find it amazing just how quickly a person’s 15 minutes can pass them by. Katherine McPhee is an excellent example. The girl has one great set of vocal chords but her place in the hearts of men dropped faster than cement shoes in the Hudson River. Her rankings went from last years #2 (when she was still fresh off American Idol) to an amazingly low 39. That’s -37 pints. Ouch!

So who do you like on the list? Any fave’s? Any you liked to see dropped?

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