The Ultimate BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger You’ve Always Dreamed About

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend… The Beer Can Bacon Cheese Burger is here. And it’s the mouth watering, deepest, juiciest, most manly of man, backyard BBQ cheese burger of your dreams!

It’s an indulgent Burger Fest – made to order – stuffed with what ever your heart and taste buds can imagine.

Watch the video and step-by-step photos are below.

So, if you’re looking to grill up something epic this weekend (or any weekend) for a family picnic, tailgate party, or just want to dive head first into BBQ bacon cheese burger meat Heaven, this is it!

Giant hamburger meat balls

Form a giant hamburger meat ball.

Beer can pushed into meat to form a bowl and wrapped with bacon

Push a beer can into middle and wrap with bacon.

Cheese placed in bottom of bowl.

place cheese into bottom of hamburger bowl

Grill up favorite ingredients

Grill up favorite ingredients like onions, peppers, you name it.

Pour into burger bowl

Pour grilled veggies into bowl

Fire up BBQ grill to 300 degrees  (on one half of the grill)

Fire up BBQ grill to 300 degrees (on one half of the grill) and add another layer of cheese on top.

Burger on BBQ grill

Cook for 1 hour at 300°, on INDIRECT heat!!! That means fire up 1/2 of the grill and place the burgers on the other 1/2

Final cooked hamburgers

Viola! Drool worthy, beer can bacon cheese burgers!

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