batman-movieFollowing the much heralded success of “The Dark Knight” movie, producer’s are looking to up the ante.

Yet to be confirmed, insider’s close to the executive producer’s state that they are currently in discussion of giving Batman a new partner in crime fighting. Although past Batman movies that included a hero sidekick (such as “Batman and Robin”) met with mixed reviews, script writers believe that a new take on the role could give new Batman movies more depth and open more possibilities for unique Batman villains.

Upon this news being leaked, Warner Brothers’ studio (owner’s of the Batman movie series) was flooded with thousands of resumes and head shots from actor’s across the globe.

Unconfirmed reports say that even though the mass influx of resumes were not requested, they were appreciated as studio exec’s are looking to go WAY outside the box in casting the new role. Although casting will continue and a final decision is still far from being decided, a short list is already being formed.

We have it (on not so great authority) that the “Pugmaster” has been added to the list. Although the actor wasn’t available for an interview, his agent was kind enough to provided us with a photo.


Christian Bale was unavailable to comment on the news or on the potential choice for a new super hero sidekick, but it looks like Bale is going to some some fierce competition for screen time.

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