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Okay, we all know Jack Bauer would never, in a bazillion years, leak confidential information. But somehow (bittorrent), someone (AsiaTeam) has leaked the much anticipated 6th season premier of “24”. That’s right, you read correctly, you can actually watch Episode 1 RIGHT NOW!

If you don’t feel like hassling with the downloads, you can watch the streaming version.

After watching this, all I have to say is, OMG!

Here’s a couple screen grabs just to wet your appetite:

Jack Bauer 24 Season 6

Jack Bauer like Jonah emerging from the Whale

WARNING: Season spoiler:
Terrorists run rampant and hold the United States at bay. It’s up to Jack Bauer to repeatedly scream “Don’t move or I’ll shoot!” and kick the crap out of anyone who gets in his way of saving the U.S. from total destruction as too many plot twists to count reveal everyone is lying, keeping secrets, and plotting against him to keep him from succeeding.

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