This wine aerator and decanter carafe with drying stand, cleaning beads and aerator lid makes aerating and decanting wine SO easy. And get a better tasting wine!

This is the best gift ever for that wine drinker in your life. This (wine) decanter is the best thing on Earth. Basically, this can decant for what would take about two to four hours in about a minute or two. You stick this bad boy. Flip her upside down. You don’t really have to hold it, but I’d recommend holding it because we’ve had some accidents. And your wind gets perfectly aerated, you can serve it out of this decanter or you can pour it back into the bottle. And then serve it straight from the bottle so you can decant wines for your party that you’re about to have. It’s like dinner and a show right there.

TikTok user: atlasandmason

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