How To Get Great Service in Any Bar

Remember the last time you were in a crowded bar and had to stand in line, 5 deep, to get a beer? Sucks, doesn’t it? Well, no one like to spend half their night waiting for the bartender to serve them. Here’s how to get great service from any bartender, in any bar.

1. Know what you’re going to be drinking for the night before you pony your butt up to the bar.

2. Stand tall and make eye contact with the bartener.

3. Introduce yourself: When the bartender comes over to you, introduce yourself. Nothing elaborate. I generally say something like, “Hey, I’m Clint. How’s it going?” After the bartender answers, just tell them what you want. The purpose for the introduction isn’t to make “friends”, it’s to build a repertoire so the bartender can attach a name to a face.

Note: If the bar is already really busy, dispense of the platitudes – they’re probably slammed busy and won’t be able to hear you anyway.

4. Start a tab: Sure you can pay your bar bill with Cash but when the bar gets busy, it takes longer to pay for each round of drinks. The goal is to get your drinks faster and make it easier for the bartender to serve you. Giving the bartender a credit card to open a tab does just that.

5. Tip big — upfront: When you get your drinks, pay for them. If you’re paying with cash, round the bill up (e.g. if it’s $4.25, give them $5). Ideally, you’ll want to start a tab (see above). Then — and this is the most important step — give them a separate BIG tip, in cash. It’s important it’s a cash tip so they can see the money in their hands.

When you’re giving them the tip, tell them that you’re going to be at the bar for a while drinking (name your drink) and “This (tip) is for you.”

At a minimum, give them $10 upfront. And, at the end of the night, make sure to tip them at least 20%.

When the bartender knows you’re going to be a good tipper, they’ll give you great service and extra long pours all night long.

Believe me, the investment well worth the money.

Because the next time you walk up to the bar, even five guys deep, the bartender will see you — and serve you — before anyone else.

Like everything else, bartenders don’t bite the hand that feeds them.

As an extra bonus, being “in” with the bartender makes a great impression on the ladies. In fact, I’ve met a lot of women from them asking for help in getting their drinks and even buying me a drink for the effort.

Got a couple tips? Drop them below.

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