The Procrastination Flowchart. I Meant To Post This Last Week.

I stumbled across this procrastination flowchart last week and thought it was way too funny. It had me cracking up one minute and then paranoid the next as I started wondering if someone had bored a microscope into my head so they could study my thought process *shudder*.

I instantly thought, “I need to post this”. And I started to, but something distracted me. My guess, it’s that StumbleUpon button. It just sits there and calls to me like a Siren’s voice across the ocean night.

Don’t freak, I’m not hearing voices but the dang thing is a serious click magnet.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yah, I was going to post this.

Hey, did you happen to see Piper Palin give her little bro a spit shine hair doo? It was too funny. A perfect kid moment. I think she ended up getting more air play than her mum Sarah. But I degress.

You know how it is, A.D.D. is just a new fancy term for procrastination.

So, if you’re a real procrastinator like me, here’s three tips that help me stay on track.

  • At the ned of your day, make a list of three things you *need* to get done the following day. These should be things you can complete within an hour. Next morning, DO NOT turn on your email. Instead, find a quiet spot to sit down and crank out your three tasks. Don’t do anything else until your tasks are finished.
  • Those stacks of paper collecting on your desk? If they’re over 3 weeks old and you haven’t acted on them, trash it. Seriously, if you haven’t done it by now, you’re not going to.
  • Buy a ScanSnap (Mac or PC). The most amazing, easy-to-use, time saving device I have bought. This baby will scan your documents AND receipts into an instant PDF. It integrates seamlessly with YEP, ReceiptWallet, and even your Mac address book. Did I mention it scans business cards? this thing is a serious *must have*.
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