Brain Cell Building Series Deepest Oceans and Seas

As we all know, making it to the top of your chosen career not only requires experience and a tight network, it also requires good ol’ fashion know-how. Well-equipped and active brain cells storing all sorts of information covering a wide variety of topics and world facts. Some, perhaps, won’t be too helpful to you on a daily basis but, when the opportunity arises, topical tid-bits can help your rep as “The Guy Who Knows Stuff”. The guy everyone thinks should be on “Jeopardy” but is too modest to show off (a nice combination to have).

brain cell building

So today we’re kicking off the “Brain Cell Building” series with the following list of top ten deepest oceans and seas. For all the brain-iacs out there, this will be old hat. But for the rest of us Joe’s, it’s good stuff to increase your grey matter.

Deepest Oceans and Seas

Average depth in Meters
  1. Pacific Ocean: 3,939
  2. Indian Ocean: 3,840
  3. Atlantic Ocean: 3,575
  4. Caribbean Sea: 2,575
  5. Sea of Japan: 1,666
  6. Gulf of Mexico: 1,614
  7. Mediterranean Sea: 1,501
  8. Bering Sea: 1,491
  9. South China Sea: 1,463
  10. Black Sea: 1,190
Source: World Atlas

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