GM Hy-Wire The Car of The Future

If you haven’t noticed already, the good ol’ days of the big block muscle cars are over.

gm hy-wire hydrogen car

General Motors (GM) has created the car of the future. Although it looks like a car, the similarities stop there. The vehicle has no engine, no drive-train, no gearbox, and no mechanical linkages between the chassis and the driver.

What it does have is a single, eleven inch deep chassis that houses a complex network of computer components, a revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell, and a single computer cable that connects it all to the driver.

The GM Hy-Wire is hydrogen powered — meaning the car runs on electricity. Basically, hydrogen is combined with oxygen to produce the electricity that runs the car. In fact, it produces enough electricity to run your whole house. If you need further explanation, take a physics class because I barely understand it myself. What I do know is that it looks like us “grease monkeys” will have to exchange the ol’ torque wrench with a slide rule.

The car also sports it’s own on-board power station so there are no batteries to recharge. And since the only by-product is water, the car is eco-friendly.

Talk about versatility. Because the core of the car is based in the chassis and the body is attached with a series of bolts, the body of the car is interchangeable. Meaning you’re not stuck with the same body style that came with the car. If you need a pick-up truck for the weekend, simply change out the body. Now that’s pretty sweet..

Check out the BBC video clip.

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