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These Smoking Hot Beautiful Women Are Burning Up The Kitchen

It’s getting really, really hot in the kitchen. The kind of heat we like.

before and after photo of Chevy Suburban headlights

How to Clean your Headlights Like a Pro for only Pennies.

If your car headlight lens’ have become “foggy” from oxidization, here’s a simple and really inexpensive tip to get them looking new again.


34 Beautiful Reasons Why Girls in Bikinis Make 4th of July the Hottest Holiday

Welcome to the inaugural Red, White, & Hotties. 34 of the sexiest women in bikinis celebrating our nations Independence.


13 Wonderfully Amazing Reasons Why Soccer is the World’s Most Popular Sport

I’ll let these photos explain this soccer phenomenon. Trust me, you want to see this.


And the Winner of the 2014 Tight Pants Competition is…

Jimmy Fallon had a tight pants competition. And boy, oh boy, oh boy…. You need to see this.


Motorcyclist Jumps Flying Biplane. And It’s Spectacular.

Cody Elkins redefines getting major air as he jumps over a flying biplane at the 2014 Cameron Air Show.


Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” Played on Beer Bottles

Five guys ripping an awesome version of “Billie Jean” on beer bottles.


How To Keep Beer Ice Cold

Let’s face it, guys don’t like warm beer. Here’s 17 of the best reasons why some guys don’t care.

Collection of Vinyl Albums For Sale

Massive collection of vinyl albums for sales – over 1,200 music albums.


How To Drink All Night And Not Get Drunk

Jim Koch knows beer. He also knows a beer trick that may change your life (Esquire.com.)

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